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Music that reflects your mind as a mirror

MindFeedback Music is a popular name for RT-ISMF (Real-time Indeterminate Synthetic Music Feedback). A RT-ISMF system produces unique music at the same moment one is listening to it. The procedure that generates RT-ISMF music is based on measurements on quantum mechanical, unpredictable processes. Because of its "indeterminate" nature, RT-ISMF music may evoke unique experiences.

RT-ISMF music is an advanced work of art. The basic idea behind it is that the listener can influence the music due to entanglement of the quantum mechanical processes from which the music originates and the listeners' attention to the music. Plainly put: the idea is that the listener 'composes' the music simply by listening to it.

MindFeedback is by far the most popular use of RT-ISMF. Many people use it at home for tasks or moments that require relaxation, concentration or inspiration. In therapeutic practice MindFeedback music is used to reflect on issues that rational thought cannot solve on its own force.

MindFeedback music might sound a little strange at first, but once you are tuned into it, the music can bring you quickly into deep rest, allowing you to explore your reality from within.

MF music is a real-time experience guarantees that you are listening to genuine, real-time delivered RT-ISMF music. Also we try to make your experience as 'private' as possible. By this we mean that your are the only one who hears the music; other listeners are 'connected' to another system. This way we ensure that no one influences the MF experience of somebody else.

How to use MF

You can use MindFeedback Music anywhere, any time of the day. Just register and you are ready to go. You can use MF music as many times as you wish without any costs. This service is made possible by donations.

Many people listen to MF music to meditate on an issue that needs attention. In such cases, you can listen to MF music with a headphone and closed eyes. Concentrate on your issue and experience what MF does to you.

MF music can also be played in the background to help you with tasks that require concentration, relaxation or inspiration. When MF music is played on loudspeakers, a low volume is preferred in most cases.

Use the diary

You can write notes about your session in the text field below the music player. Your notes are only visible to you. You can use them for later reference.

MF Practitioners

MF is also used in therapeutic practice. Everyone has issues that do not find easy answers. At such moments MindFeedback Music can be helpful. MindFeedback Music is designed for situations where rational thought alone is not sufficient. MF Practitioners are specialized in getting your focus on your own intuitive reflections.

Do you want to use MF in your practice? Please e-mail us for more information.

Dedicated Services

MF music is used in many ways. For example, MF music is perfect for waiting rooms or relaxation areas. For such applications one needs continuous access to MF. Therapists and MF practitioners show another example in which continuous and unlimited access to MF music streams may be needed. In addition, in therapeutic practice, one usually wants to guarantee a 100% private MF experience. Our free MF music service cannot give this guarantee (although we're pretty much close to it).

For daily, continuous use of MF music the MindFeedback Organization offers dedicated paid services. With a dedicated service you get access to a real-time and unique MF music stream 24 hours a day. We call this a 'private MF node.' Please e-mail us for more information.


Do you know a publication we can add to this list? Please let us know.

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MF Promotors

Brenda Dunne, ICRL. Sponsor of MindFeedback
Brenda J. Dunne
Psychologist MA (Sponsor)
President International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL), USA
Education Officer Society of Scientific Exploration
Iebele Abel. Founder of the MindFeedback Organization
Iebele Abel
Artist. Inventor of MindFeedback Music technology and founder of our organization.
Paul de Blot
Prof. Dr. Paul de Chauvigny de Blot SJ Lic. Ph.
Professor Business Spirituality at Nyenrode University
Hospital Chaplain

Credits and Terms

MindFeedback Music, which is also known as Real-time Indeterminate Music Feedback (RT-ISMF) has been created by Iebele Abel (the artist).

MindFeedback and MindFeedback Music are trademarks of Elmtree and Waters Publishing (the distributor of RT-ISMF Music and the publisher of this web application).

Elmtree and Waters Publishing is exclusively licensed by the creator of RT-ISMF music to distribute RT-ISMF music for commercial and non-commercial usage.

By signing up for this app you accept the Terms of Use.

Why you should not record MF music

Because of possible retro-causal effects (think of these as 'reverse arrows in time', presentiments or pre-feelings), MF music should not be recorded. Basically, a filed piece of MF music isn't MF music.